The Glenview Values Project

The Glenview Values Project will be 23 years old this fall, and Glenview is a better place for it. It started when two officials—former Police Chief David Kelly and former School Superintendent Bill Attea—started informally sharing their concerns about kids. That sharing eventually prompted them to ask non-officialdom—local adults—to share their own concerns at a series of local coffees.

The coffees weren't large public meetings where experts talked and the audience listened. They were designed to let participants speak frankly about problems they perceived…. From those meetings, common concerns emerged that participants could choose to address alone, or together, in a variety of ways…

People who share concerns and potential solutions get better at it as time goes by. And indeed, in the past decade, people here have. That means new people are welcome to participate, and new problems can be attacked with new ideas. How fortunate Kelly and Attea decided to broaden their discussion. Because they did, this anniversary isn't likely to be the Project's last.