About the Glenview Values Project

In 1991, Dave Kelly (then Chief of the Glenview Police Department) and Bill Attea (then Superintendent of School District 34) began meeting and working on connecting schools, social service agencies, the Park District, the Glenview Public Library, service clubs, the police department and service clubs.  Their initial concern was gangs but the focus quickly grew.  What began as informal coffees was institutionalized as the Glenview Values Project.

The group sought and received a grant from the Chicago Community Trust that funded a service coordinator position.  From its inception, the Values Project has worked to connect volunteers with groups needing help.  Initially that was accomplished through a volunteer hotline, which was eventually put on line.

Character Counts! began in Glenview in 1996 as an offshoot of the Values Project.  It continues to be a strong influence in our schools and throughout the community.

Our Goals

To ensure that the Glenview Values Project be a positive force for individuals and families in our community in a way that:

  - Recruits and engages key leaders in the community to commit to full participation in the Glenview Values Project.
  - Identifies relevant issues in our community to define an annual focus.
  - Advocates solutions to community wide issues.
  - Creates collaborations among member organizations.
  - Updates Glenview Values Project brochure and creates a website.

So that community organizations can improve their effectiveness by creating community solutions for community issues.